Hebrews: Biblical Theology For Christian Proclamation by Thomas Schreiner

I just want to introduce a blog I found about Christian books. Thanks pastor Jimmy Reagan for such a wonderful blog. God bless you, your family, and your ministry. By the way, the letter to the Hebrews is my favorite book (if we are allowed to have a favorite Bible book).

The Reagan Review


Here is the first volume in a brand new commentary series, the Biblical Theology For Christian Proclamation by Holman Reference. Published by the same organization that produced the wonderful New American Commentary (NAC) series, we have high expectations(all contributors will hold to inspiration and innerrancy). One of the General Editors, Thomas Schreiner, contributes the inaugural volume. Admitting in the Introduction to the series that we have so many series today that a new series needs a unique approach, this one aims at especially highlighting the theology of the book.

Mr. Schreiner is a well known scholar and a prolific commentary writer. He has done a good job here. The Introduction covers many of the usual suspects (e.g., he is confident Paul did not write Hebrews), but even there he highlights theology throughout.

The commentary proper is thoughtful. Still, he can’t help wrestling with a few of the more esoteric thoughts…

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