Second Corinthians (PNTC) by Mark Seifrid

Thank you pastor Jimmy Reagan for another great review on a great book. Blessings.

The Reagan Review


This volume faithfully extends the respect afforded the prestigious Pillar New Testament Commentary series published by Eerdmans and edited by D. A. Carson. It has several features to commend itself to pastors, perhaps even more than for scholars, though it is without question a scholarly volume.

He has an unusually short Introduction. It is clear and penetrating, but much shorter than we are used to. That is not, however, a liability as he just works the discussion into the commentary. He also just ignores the more ridiculous and unfounded discussions that clutter many commentaries. I find that refreshing as some of those discussions do not merit one drop of ink.

Some have criticized Seifrid for not interacting enough with other scholars. His focus was clearly more on expounding the text than esoteric scholarly rabbit trails. Again, that is a plus too! It seems to me that he was only sticking…

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