Faithful Preaching. Declaring Scripture with Responsibility, Passion and Authenticity. Tony Merida. B&H Publishing Group.

Biblias, libros y sus diseños

Preaching is both a science and art; you can learn a number of techniques, but you must have a passionate calling to preach and declare Scripture.


Tony Merida’s book is one of those rare books that mixes up techniques and passion. The same title declares it: Responsibility, Passion and Authenticity. Three components that are developed in the very structure of the book itself, that is:

In part 1, called Faithful to the Triune God: Trinitarian convictions for expository preaching, Merida deals with the Passion that must guide every preacher: a man who preaches Christ from the inspired Scriptures, by the Power of the Spirit and for the glory of God.

In part 2, entitled Faithful to the Word of God: How busy pastors prepare Christ-exalting expository messages, and in part 3: Faithful to the call of God: watching our life and doctrine, the main topic is…

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