Ruth (Apollos Old Testament Commentary) by L. Daniel Hawk

The Reagan Review

Here in the latest of the fine Apollos Old Testament Commentary series published by IVP we find a surprising volume solely on the little book of Ruth. Though often attached to Judges in the commentary world, this book is often more loved and well known than its larger companions. Most Christians love studying Ruth. Daniel Hawk gives us a thoughtful volume on Ruth that, in my judgment, takes its own track. In analyzing structure he reads ethnicity as a key component to understanding Ruth. While there are theological points to the Israel versus Moab points of the story and the ironic turn of events, I cannot personally elevate that as highly as he does as the crux of understanding Ruth. Still, it highlights points other commentaries miss.

His Introduction covers the normal territory and he well summarizes what scholarship has so far thought. His discussion on how some classify the book—true…

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