BibleWorks 10 Part I

There is a very important element that you as a pastor may worry about your busy schedule: time. Many pastors want to remain faithful to their bible study time and sermon preparation while they also want to fulfill other pastoral task. Technology might become one of your best allies in doing so.

What I would like to present today is, perhaps, the most advanced and complete Bible software regarding exegesis and textual analysis. BibleWorks 10 is the perfect tool if you want save time (and money) in preparing your sermons and Bible studies without losing solidity and consistency from your exposition. How can it be? Very simple: because this software contains many Biblical and exegetical dictionaries and tools that pop up in no time. When you install and open BibleWorks 10 for the first time, you quickly realize you have a powerful Bible software in front of you.

I would like to share some tips and features from this software that can be very useful to you in the process of preparing your sermons and Bible studies. In this post, I will be introducing the two main windows you can find in this program and the ones you will use the most in your study. In one column called Browse Window, the one in the middle (see picture 1) you see the text you are studying. You can select and read different versions in modern and Bible languages at the same time. There are many different versions in English, Spanish, and many other modern languages. That is not it. You can have Hebrew and Greek Bible versions in the same column and at the same time along with your preferred contemporary version. You do not need to go to the library to see what the Hebrew or Greek version says because it is right in front of you, parallel to you English version. That helps you to concentrate in the passage you are studying because you do not need move from your English text to the Greek version, unless you want to use an additional Greek version from the library. Once you have as many versions as you want in the Browse Window, you are ready to go. Something I really like from this window is that you only need to place the cursor on top of a word from the Greek text and it automatically pops up a small window with a basic definition of that word. That small window disappears in ten seconds.

This program offers a plenty of exegetical dictionaries. The column at the right called Analysis Window is devoted to help you to analyze the text you are studying (see picture 2). I would like to focus on the Analysis tab. This tab offers exegetical tools and dictionaries providing explanations about a particular word. If you select the Byzantine Greek text, for example, on the Browse Window, the exegetical dictionaries will appear on the Analysis Window. If you move the pointer from a word to a different word, the Analysis tab showing the exegetical dictionaries automatically changes the word as well, even without clicking the word; you just need to place the pointer on top of the word you want to study. That saves you time since you do not need find the word in a physical dictionary. BibleWorks 10 does it for you in no time.

The Analysis Window offers many other features that I will be presenting on succeeding posts. For now, I would like to close this post by recommending all pastors, seminary students, biblical expositors, exegetes, serious Christian books writers, and Bible students in general to buy this software. You study experience will never be the same. The operating system I use with this software is Windows 7 with 6 gb or memory RAM, and a processor CORE i3. No issues opening or using the software.

You can buy it here

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The Browse Window contains Bible translations in Hebrew, Greek, and many modern languages.

The Analysis Window is the window that contains exegetical resources.The Analysis Window is the window that contains exegetical resources.

I received this software for free from the editors in exchange for an honest review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


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