A Biblical Theology of Repentance (A Review)

The Reformed Reader

I’m thoroughly impressed by this book: Return to Me: A Biblical Theology of Repentance by Mark Boda.  As the subtitle suggests, the book traces the theme of repentance from Genesis to Revelation.  The term “biblical theology” here simply means that Boda walks through Scripture from beginning to end and points out the various ways repentance is mentioned, exhibited, and explained.  The material covers right around 200 pages, so it is not overwhelming or overly tedious.

The strengths of this book are many.  First of all, Boda writes clearly and with a level head.  He doesn’t go off on rabbit trails, nor does he speculate and make philosophical statements about repentance.  Instead, he takes biblical material, explains it, and summarizes it for the reader.  A second strength of this book is the summary section of each part.  Each part of the book is based on a section of the Bible…

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