Identity in love

Ashley Hearod

“God hates sin, not the sinner.” Yeah, we’ve all heard the phrase. “God hates sin because it’s unholy.” Heard that too. But does he just hate it because it’s bad and we shouldn’t do it because He is a holy God? That’s certainly a part of it. But it’s also because it hurts us. It tears us from Him. Why do we sin though? Because it’s just pleasurable? Partly. But it’s deeper rooted than that. We sin because we are trying to substitute love. Humans were designed for love and no other reason. We were made to have a relationship with our Father. Who is love. He is purely love (1 John 4:8). But when we are not made perfect in His love, we sin. Because it fills a void. Of course only temporarily. Which is why we keep having to go back to it. But that is why we do it. The…

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