NIV Zondervan Study Bible

Ayuda Ministerial/Resources for Ministry

NIV Study Bible '15The NIV Zondervan Study Bible is an awe-inspiring Study Bible that offers a new and refreshing perspective to the Study Bible market. It is a very thorough Study Bible full of commentaries, charts, maps, pictures, introduction to every book, introduction to Old and New Testament, as well as articles written by some of the most prominent scholars. All the pictures, charts, maps, and graphics are in color, and they provide the student with a better understanding of the subject under discussion. This Study Bible uses the NIV translation. You may like or dislike that translation, but you will love this Bible.

When I first opened the NIV Zondervan Study Bible I had the feeling that I have an incredible Study Bible in front of me. It is a heavy Bible (2912 pages and 3.7600 pounds), so this is not a Bible you want to take with you to church (it…

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