Representing Christ by Anizor and Voss

The Reagan Review


Anizor and Voss write here on a doctrine, the priesthood of the believer, that is precious to some of us, yet under duress in many places. Whole segments of Christendom deny its existence. This book shows that is both a biblical idea and an idea believed by several across the centuries.

This book is at its best discussing what the Scriptural basis of the doctrine of the priesthood of the believer is. Chapter 2 entitled “A Royal Priesthood” lays out well the case for clear teaching on this doctrine. I had never considered Adam as a priest, but Israel was clearly “a kingdom of priests.” Even more important is when the authors draw out the New Testament teaching on the subject. To me, it is undeniable as they well show.

The balance of the book looks at the subject in more of a church history vein. Luther might not deserve…

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