Embrace Life Under the Sun: God’s Wisdom for Today From Ecclesiastes

Ayuda Ministerial/Resources for Ministry

270694Embrace Life Under the Sun: God’s Wisdom for Today From Ecclesiastes. Greenville, SC: JourneyForth Academic, 2015. 

The book I am presenting today is a multipurpose book that was released in September 2015 by JourneyForth Academic. This is not an exegetical-technical commentary, though it includes Hebrew terms conveniently explained by Jaeggli. The way it is written allows readers to use the book as a Bible study, commentary, or even as a devotional book. However, the most useful way readers can use this book is in group setting. If you are conducting a group in your church or homes, this is the perfect book for that purpose. In addition to the book, the publisher offers six study guides for each chapter plus a leader’s guide. The guides are available in PDF format andt there are two audio resources.

The author divides the book into six chapters. He does not go verse by verse…

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