Conflict, Worldviews and Faith

BUA Faculty Blog

By Teresa Martinez

La versión en español está disponible al final de este documento.

A recent educational leadership class I took focused on the issue of conflict. Abigail and Cahn (2011) say that conflict has been given a “bad name” not because in itself it is bad, but because people do not have the skills and understanding needed to navigate the waves of conflict present in everyday living (Abigail & Cahn, 2011, p. xi). One of the course texts, Managing Conflict Through Communication touches on issues like saving face; leveraging power; understanding and managing emotions; and communication strategies for conflict resolution. Five themes around which conflict develops are:  1) relationships; 2) data; 3) individual interests; 4) organizational structures; and 5) values. Ample opportunities exist in higher education to experience all of these conflict situations.
Leaders can hone their leadership effectiveness (George, 2007) by accepting the critical work of recognizing…

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