Review: A Doubter’s Guide to The Ten Commandments

The Furnace

A Doubter’s Guide to the Ten Commandments by John Dickson is one of the best resources on the Ten Commandments I have ever read.

In this work Dickson demonstrates the dependence of much of Western thought on the Ten Commandments and their development in the teaching of Christ. Dickson ably interacts with contemporary authors and trends demonstrating how vital the contribution the Ten Commandments makes really is. The book first addresses the unique nature of the commandments and their ethical value over and against other ancient and modern sources. Then it addresses the underlying reason for moral behavior. Finally the book addresses each of the commandments and addresses their original purpose and draws out implications and applications for contemporary society.

In a day like ours where ethical norms are quickly being abandoned works like this are vitally important in defending the faith. Many atheists make ridiculous claims about the values…

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