What Lies Beneath the Surface: Lessons from Faithwalking

BUA Faculty Blog

By Mario A. Ramos

La versión en español está disponible al final de este documento.

About two years ago, my wonderful wife, Linda, asked me to fix her NordicTrack ski machine. She had worn it out. There were a number of parts that needed to be replaced. I thought it would be easier just to buy a new one. But they don’t make them anymore. You have to order the parts and they don’t come with instructions. You have to call a guy and ask for guidance, and he is not very good at giving instructions. 
So after spending $130 on parts and working hours and hours on the machine, I finally came close to finishing this very frustrating project. I put the parts together and took them apart and back together more times than I can remember. All I know is that on the final day I was eager…

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