Biblical Studies Carnival, July 2017

doraGreetings to all the bloggers out there. I hope you are having a wonderful summer time so far.  As always, there are very interesting things bloggers have been doing lately. I hope you will enjoy reading the post I am sharing here. So here we go.

Phil Long has been sharing an outstanding series on Testamental Literature. You will not regret reading it. Here is a chronological collection of his series:


Bob MacDonald has written a series of text translation from the Old Testament. Feel free to navigate thought his blog and enjoy it.

Jennifer Guo reviewed a book on the righteousness of God. You won’t miss her review

Another interesting review from Crux Sola; “Wealth and Poverty in Early Christianity.” Do not miss it.

Pastor Jimmy Reagan has been pretty active reviewing very interesting commentaries. Here is the last one on the book of Acts, but feel free to read the reviews he has written previous to this one.

Phil Long has also had time to write very noteworthy reviews 

Biblia Textual IV (Spanish Textual Bible, 4th edition) is now available. Here is a review from a crazy guy from Spain.

This link has to do with the translation of the book “Integrating Exegesis and Exposition” that I translated into Spanish.

Here is a post you may want to read if you are in ministry (even if you are not). The post was originally published by The Gospel Coalition and it deals with biblical languages and ministers. Not bad at all.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your summer


Upcoming Biblical Studies Carnivals:
August 2017 (Due September 1) – Jason Gardner, eis doxan 
September 2017 (Due October 1) – Open

October 2017 (November 1) – Doug Chaplin, @dougchaplin
November 2017 (December 1) – Jim West, Zwingli Redivivus @drjewest





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