Deuteronomy (Interpretation) by Miller

The Reagan Review

book deut i

This commentary is one of the best we have today on Deuteronomy from a critical perspective. Just as the Interpretation Bible Commentary series is known for, Mr. Miller scours Deuteronomy for all kinds of helpful theology. Though I could not agree with several of the critical views represented here, I found in this book many thoughtful, well-written insights.

The Introduction begins with the meaning of the name Deuteronomy. If you are like me, you may not enjoy the source criticism found in the section “how did Deuteronomy come to be?”, nor the section on authorship. When Mr. Miller turns to discussing the literary setting of Deuteronomy and explaining what Deuteronomy is about, he becomes much more helpful in my opinion. He covers material about structure in a helpful way. The final short section explaining why we should read Deuteronomy gives eight fine reasons why we should. I agree with all…

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