Remembering Haddon Robinson

Hendrickson Publishers Blog

by David A. Currie, author of The Big Idea of Biblical Worship

Last night (9/7/17) I sat in a packed chapel at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, joined by thousands online (, for a memorial service for Haddon Robinson. Since Haddon’s death, I’ve been reflecting upon his life and ministry and how they came to influence me.


I first “met” Haddon through the first edition of his seminal book, Biblical Preaching: The Development and Delivery of Expository Messages. As a recent seminary graduate, I had learned a lot about exegesis and a bit about preaching, but I was struggling to connect these two in my early sermons.  A faculty mentor, Richard Lovelace, had given me a copy of Haddon’s book, but since it wasn’t required for any of my courses, I hadn’t read it.  In my desperation to connect the people of God with the…

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