Biblical Studies Carnival 182-April 2021

Well, it has been a while since the last time I hosted a Biblical Studies Carnival. Some things have changed around here. Some former bloggers have transitioned to websites (so glad to see our Lord has blessed and prospered you with a more generous budget). Others do podcasts. How about that? So, yes, I have been out for a while. But it is nice to see things keep moving forward regarding the acclaimed and reputable Biblical Studies Carnival.

As few, some, most or maybe all of you know, April 4 was Easter Sunday. Let’s see if Eastern Day had any influence on posts, studies, book reviews and other material bloggers/exegetes/web hosters/youtubers/podcasters/book reviewers (you name it) have written in April 2021.

In Memoriam – Rene Padilla

On April 27, 2021 we lost one of the most respected theologians and missinologists of all times. Rene Padilla served the Spanish speaking community in an outstanding manner, both teaching and living by the Book.

Old Testament/Jewish Studies/Hebrew Bible


How the Serpent Became Satan, by Shawna Dolansky, is a must read article. You may want to read it to your kids before they go to bed at night. It is up to you.

Do you want to know more about The Origins of Hebrew Language: Episode 10? Here you go.

Not sure if you have heard the rumor, but there is an apparent problem with the Psalms (hopefully not with all of them). Christopher Page will tell you more about the issue on his post The Psalm Problem #2 – Bob’s Proposal.

Speaking of Bob MacDonald, here is his proposal to the issue with Psalms 2 and 149

I found this article to be quite interesting. Bart Ehrman says as follows, Nope. Jesus is Not Yahweh.

I’m telling you there is something going on, something in the air concerning the book of Psalms. Dr. Claude Mariottini wrote an serious study on Psalms 82: The Just God: The Nature of Deity in Psalm 82

An article on Hagar has been written by Wil Gafney. Another biographical entry about Isaac, written by Amanda Mbuvi.

Joseph’s Saga (2): God’s Plan Begins, is an article written by Julia Blum

New Testament

Greek New Testament Papyrus Is Discovered on eBay - The New York Times

Speaking of Easter, James F. MaGrath, from Religion Prof, wrote an interesting entry: From Good Friday History to Easter Faith

This is the mother of all questions about Easter: On What Day Did Jesus Rise? Maybe I am exaggerating, but it is a very important questions that demands an answer. Thanks Ben Witherington III for such enlightening article.

Did you ever wonder why Jesus flipped the tables at the Temple? Yeah, me neither. However, in case you start wondering why, James F. McGrath (again) will help you to answer that question thanks to his post Jesus Flips the Script/Tables

Professor and author Ian Paul wrote an interesting article on Ethnic and social diversity in the early church

Phil Long continues to dig into Matthean literature. Here you will find his most recent study addressing the topic of Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath. Do not forget to check the previous posts he shared in a weekly basis during the month of April.

The narration of Jesus’ encounter with the Syrophoenician/Canaanite woman is one of those passages we always appreciate being under study. From the blog Scribes of the Kingdom: God’s kingdom among the dogs: Jesus and the gentile beggar

Michael J. Kruger, answers a relevant question: Were the New Testament Authors Aware of Their Own Authority?. Actually, two questions. Here is the other one: Is the New Testament Really Filled with Contradictory Theologies?

Do you want to know Who Was Thecla? Then you will have to read this article written by Megan Sauter

Jim West has been busy reading and writing a book review on Cultural Shifts and Ritual Transformations in Reformation Europe (in case you didn’t know he is passionate about Reformation Studies). He also reviewed the volume Who Created Christianity?: Fresh Approaches to the Relationship between Paul and Jesus

Phil Long had time to review a couple of books: Joel and Amos. Tyndale Old Testament Commentary and A Scripture Index to Rabbinic Literature

Pastor Jimmy Reagan has reviewed what seems to be a serious volume, Rebels and Exiles

Andy Cassler continues sharing nuggets from the book What Jesus Learned From Women. This month he explores Mary: What Jesus Learned from His Mother 

Do you know how to read the Bible? Cool. But you also need to know How (Not) to Read the Bible; A Book Review, endorsed by Vance.

Pastor Dave has been gracious with us and wrote A Review of “Redeeming Power” by Diane Langberg

Brent Niedergall has reviewed the book T&T CLARK HANDBOOK FOR SEPTUAGINT RESEARCH

A review of the book The Theology of Jeremiah has been shared by Bob on books.

Randy McCracken took the time to read and share with us a book review of the volume PAUL AND THE POWER OF GRACE

Mark 13 and the Return of the Shepherd, a review by Reviews of Biblical and Early Christian Studies

Miscellaneous — Kootenai Church

Timothy Lewis, from the blog Matthewlinity, has produced a podcast episode titled What Was Joseph Thinking? (Six Assumptions). Enjoy it!!!

Jim West stated, “Prof. Davies was gracious and generous and granted an interview about his work with the PEF.” Here you go: An Interview With Philip Davies of the Palestine Exploration Fund

The Bible for Normal People shared a podcast addressing the question Where Did Our Bible Come From?

God’s attribute: The Sovereignty of God Part 1, is a new series published on the blog The Domain for Truth

James Bishop shared a post elaborating on Theories of Religion and Secularization

Robert L. Plummer on What Does the Bible Tell Us about the Future?—Part I

What is the Preservation of Scriptures? Brent Niedergall will tell you.

183 May 2021 (Due June 1) – Bobby Howell, The Library Musings, @SirRobertHowell 
184 June 2021 (Due July 1) – Brent Niedergall, @BrentNiedergall 
185 July 2021 (Due August 1) – Kenson Gonzalez Viviendo para Su Gloria @KensonGonzalez

If you’d like to host a carnival on your website, reach out to Phil Long (; Twitter, @plong42) and let him know! It’s a great way to showcase 1) what you’ve been reading in the field of biblical studies and 2) your own work on your website. Dr. Long is always looking for new hosts so shoot him a message. Now, here’s a list of future carnivals!



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