Acerca del autor/About the author

Desde junio de 2011, el pastor Rubén de Rus desarrolla el ministerio pastoral y de consejería en la Iglesia Bautista Nueva Esperanza en Brighton, una ciudad en expansión en el bello estado de Colorado. Es licenciado en Teología y Estudios Bíblicos con un Asociado en Estudios Croscultruales por la Baptist University of the Americas (San Antonio, Texas). Actualmente se encuentra en proceso de finalización de sus estudios de Master en Consejería Clínica por la Colorado Christian University. El pastor Rubén de Rus desarrolla su ministerio en un contexto multicultiral, principalmente en medio del pueblo hispano en los Estados Unidos.

Since June 2011, pastor Rubén de Rus has been serving as the senior pastor  at New Hope Hispanic Baptist Church in Brighton, a small city located in the beautiful state of Colorado. Pastor Rubén de Rus obtained his B.A in Theology and Biblical Studies with an Associate in Cross-cultural Studies from the Baptist University of the Americas (San Antonio, TX). He is currently in the process of finalizing his Master Degree in Clinical Counseling at Colorado Christian University. Pastor Rubén de Rus develops his ministry in a multicultural context, mainly among the Hispanic population in the Unites States.


6 thoughts on “Acerca del autor/About the author

  1. Thank you for following my blog, and I will be following yours as well. This is the providence of God at work. Wayyyyyyyyyyy back many years ago, I studied Spanish some but due to non use I speak no more than a toddler anymore. I have been thinking about studying again as we have a large Spanish speaking population where I live. God sent this blog to me.


    • Hi, thanks for following back. I feel honored when people like you make efforts to learn my language. I hope my blog will help you to learn more Spanish. Looking forward to read your posts. May the Lord bless you and your family.

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  2. I see you love the Word of God, both His revealed Word and His Word incarnate, which are one and the same. Thank you for following The Well-Dressed Branch. Please use its contents in any way you may need.


  3. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂 May the Lord continue to bless you, your family and your ministry.


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