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Girls Slimline Holy Bible

978-1-4143-9767-2Statistics say that  youths are more prone to leave their faith today more than ever before. Secularism and media influence them until the point of making them to have doubts regarding their faith. That is why I am grateful every time a Christian publisher puts in the market literature and material addressed to youths. Tyndale House Publishers has been doing so in recent years. Thank you.

One of the latest Bibles Tyndale has introduced into the Christian literature market is the Girls Slimline Holy Bible. The version used in this Bible is the well-known New Living Translation (NLT). I think that is a wise move to use this translation for a Bible addressed to girls and teenagers. The NLT version is ideal for daily reading, personal study and devotional, especially for young people who may find difficult navigating through the King James Version.

This Bible is a mid-size Bible. This is not a heavy volume, which is great for vacation time, camps, or even daily usage. The hardcover feels strong and well sewn. That helps to keep the Bible well closed so it does not open all the time while users carry it. It feels as well closed as a zipper system would do.

On the outside you will find a colored Bible that every girl will love. It combines blue, pink and neon colors on a velvet-like material. The edges of this bible are covered with a brilliant grey color made of strong rubber-plastic material that provides protection against bumps and falls.

On the inside you will find the already mentioned NLT on a 8.0 text size. This Bible includes and introduction to the NLT. The Bible text includes references, which is appreciated by every reader, including youths. This Bible not only includes a concordance but also a Dictionary/Concordance providing short definition of the term first and then the passages where the term is mentioned or referenced. This Bible also provides seven full color maps at the end of it.

When I held this Bible for the first time and noticed how the hardcover keeps the volume closed, I first thought it would not open easily making hard to read it. I was wrong. Even if you are reading in Genesis or Revelation, the rest of the book will remain steady and the Bible will not close by itself.

If you are considering buying a new Bible for your daughter or any girls you may think of, this is a great choice. The price is very accessible and price-quality factor is one of the most competitive in the market.

I received a copy of this book free from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.

Biblia Textual


Creo que no hay mejor manera de inaugurar este blog que presentando el Libro de libros; la palabra de Dios; la Santa Biblia. La Biblia que se presenta hoy es la Biblia Textual. Es una Biblia altamente recomendable para todas aquellas personas que les gusta tener a mano una versión diferente a la popular Reina Valera 1960. Lo que hace excepcional a esta Biblia es que es la traducción más literal de las biblias traducidas al español. Contiene 8,200 notas a pie de página (no comentarios) arrojando luz a pasajes tradicionalmente controversiales o de difícil interpretación. Para ello también dispone de 150 notas en un anexo dando una explicación profunda a aquellos pasajes de difícil interpretación. Actualmente es editada en exclusividad por la editorial Broadman & Holman

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