Biblical Studies April Carnival


Happy Spring carnival to all the bloggers out there. I know you have been very busy this month.

Old Testament studies:

The blog Learning from God’s Word offers an article about the Message of Numbers. A study of Psalm 102:12 can also be found here.

An study of Exodus 32 has also been provided to us. Thanks Jim.

New Testament studies:

Larry Hurtado (not sure if you know him) published a thorough study about Women in the Jesus-Movement. 

Phil Long has provided us with a chapter by chapter study of the book of Revelation. I am linking here the latest study (Revelation 17:1-18) so you can go back to the previous chapters.

An overview of The Negation of Natural Law in the Apostle Paul’s Apocalyptic Literature is presented by Boby Grow. Right here.

A guest post from the bog The Domain for Truth deals with Mark 3:20-21.

Have you ever wonder if Paul uses sarcasm in his letters? Exegetical tools has the answer.

An article addressing Early Christian Non-NT Manuscripts can be found here. Thanks Rick Brannan.

Biblical languages: Phil Long reviewed the book Basic of Greek Accents

Book reviews:

Old Testament:

Phil Long has reviewed a very interesting commentary on Haggai and Malachi. Phil has also shared another in depth book review for an introductory book on to the Old Testament. We are waiting for the giveaways.

John Kight (Sojourner Theology) has also reviewed the book The Triune God. Lucky guy.

The guys from The Domain for Truth blog did a great contribution to the study of pneumatology and the Old Testament by reviewing an awesome book.

Pastor Jimmy Reagan has kindly provided us with a review of a book offering an archaeological perspective of the book of Jeremiah. Interesting.

Spencer, from spoil the milks blog, has reviewed the book Echoes of Exodus. Do not stop spoiling the milk.

A review of the book Interpreting the Wisdom Literature was written by me through my blog Resources for Ministry. Check it out here.

New Testament:

Phil Long complemented his series on the book of Revelation by writing a book review. You can read it here.

Mr. Reagan also wrote a review of the book The Making of the New Testament.

Jim West made a favor to us and read the book The Violence of the Lamb and then he wrote a review, so we do not have to read the book. Thanks.

Sojourner Theology blog introduces a book about Pauline Christology written by Gordon D. Fee.

Spoilthemilks (Spencer) has had time to review a commentary on John. Well done.


Jose Maria de Rus, a young blogger from Spain from a very noble family, whose youngest brother is very acclaimed everywhere, has written a review of the book Biblical Leadership. Please, visit his blog so he can increase his audience. Do not let him to get discouraged.

Jim West has written a review of the book Early Sessions of the Synod of Dortd. He says he read the 950+ pages. Now everything makes more sense.

Death and After Life. If you want to know more, visit this book review from Pastor Jimmy Reagan before it is too late.

Another guest post from The Domain for Truth presents a book review addressing Christology.

J.W. Wartick offers a very interesting review of a book that addresses an always controversial topic: women and ordination.

Who’s next? Tim Buckley will be hosting the carnival next month (due June 1). Jim has some instructions for the carnival he will be hosting. Here are the instructions I got form him: Hi, I am doing the carnival after you, I am doing it on my podcast site so I wondered if you could put a mention in the carnival that anyone willing to to a short Skype recorded or video clip contribution about their blog/work should email me well in advance



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